Flashback Friday #12

I figured this shoot by the incredible Boyd Alexander would be perfect to feature this week as unfortunately I'm away this weekend so can't shoot with him again like I'd hoped :( 

I almost can't believe this was back in 2011! I arrived right on time to find out that I couldn't get into the building and after many phone calls to my agency to try and sort it out, I was just being told to leave and not bother when I finally got let in, and I couldn't have been happier that the shoot went ahead. The team was amazing, everyone was so relaxed yet incredibly talented and it was a shoot where I instantly knew the shots would be incredible.
We took to the streets of Whitechapel to shoot and after a few hours filled with interesting encounters, including probably one of my all time funniest modelling moments where whilst the second photo was being taken I had an entire street of traffic staring, a homeless man asking for money to one side and a group of guys shouting at me from the other. God knows how we all kept calm and got the shot! 

They're some of my all time favourite shots and I'm hoping even after missing the opportunity to this weekend that I'll be able to shoot with him again soon!

What do you think?

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