Huge Elf Haul!

Some of you may remember me speaking about ELF before. I'd placed my first ever order with them back in April but unfortunately it never turned up. After speaking with their customer services who I have to say were incredible and very helpful (always a plus for a company) they issued me with a refund and, as I'd placed my order during a 50% off sale, my own code to re order. Unfortunately most of my order didn't come back into stock for over a month so after another quick email re validating my code I pressed confirm on another order hoping that it arrived with no problems! A few days later and the postman arrived and I was thrilled! Not only is ELF incredibly budget friendly normally, with 50% off all make up and an offer where if you spent over a certain amount you relieved a free bag of make up. So whilst it may look like I went a little crazy, I got this entire order of 34 products for just £30.12! 

After hearing so many great things about a lot of their products I decided to go for a wide variety from both their normal line and studio line so I got a good overall feel for the company's products. 

Below is the free goodybag I received with my order worth £25. I luckily didn't get any duplicates from my order and although some of it I would have never picked for myself, I discovered some great products  I wouldn't have otherwise, and who can complain when it's free! 

I will be posting full reviews of my favourite picks soon but if there are any in particular you'd like to see let me know in the comments below, but so far the standout products are definitely the high definition powder in translucent, the studio matte lip colours, the stipple brush and the cream eyeliner. I have been using these constantly since I got them! 

Elf run promotions fairly often and currently have 50% off everything again using code 500813 with a minimum spend of only £10 before the discount. I'm definitely tempted to place another order as I now have a few more things on my wishlist. 

Have you tried ELF before? What are your favourite products of theirs?


  1. HUGE haul, I can't believe you got all of this so cheaply! I've only ever bought brushes from ELF so I'm really keen to see which of these products you rate x

    1. I know! Nor could I, it should have come to nearly £90! If there are any bits you want to know about in particular let me know! x

  2. Thanks for the code *orders makeup*