Monday's dinner | Re-reading my favourite ever book | A few Zara Sale purchases | And another | My friend Rufio Summers playing the #sweeneybyproudlock launch | Me and Issy at Mahiki on Friday |

 A bit of a quiet week this week for me, which I couldn't have been happier about after such a hectic few months! 

As you may know from Monday's post I had planned out my meals for the week in order to start eating a bit better. I'd say I probably followed it about half of the week on and off. I had intended to do the full 7 days but with being out around dinner time and grabbing food on the go it wasn't really practical some days. What I did make was delicious though! I'd definitely recommend going to Pinterest if you need a bit of food inspiration. You can find my meal ideas board here.

I popped into Zara mid week and happened to find the remnants of their sale and find some amazing bargins! I bought the shorts, green blouse and jumper dress for only £32.99! I love the quality of zara's clothes and at Primark's prices I had to snap these up.

I'll be finishing my week off in style today as in about 10 minutes I'm off to Kensington Roof Gardens for some drinks before heading to Notting Hill carnival for the first ever time! Very excited! 

Hope you're all had a wonderful week!


  1. What's that you had to eat in the first photo? Love that green blouse! I can never seem to find much in the Zara sale :( but I do love their clothing! xo

    1. It was a Tuna, lime and coriander fishcake with a butterbean, cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, avocado and coriander salad :)
      Thanks! It's the first green item I've bought since I dyed my hair and now I can't get enough of the colour. I don't normally so I was shocked I found so much x