Nail Picks: Glitter!

First off sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've had work coming out of my ears on a huge new project I've been working on but I've really misses blogging and I promise daily posts will be back next week!

With Nottinghill carnival happening this weekend as well as the fact that we all get 3 days off (Yay!) I figured it was the perfect time to put some glitter on my nails! I think glitter is probably my favourite way of jazzing up a manicure, even if it is a complete pain to take off, it just looks so beautiful and is so much longer wearing that I just don't mind. So here I have four of my current favourites for you!

(from the little finger round)

Sally Hansen in Gilded Lily - Probably my most reached for polish out of my entire collection, I just cannot get enough of this beautiful shade. The curved brush makes application quick and easy and it dried fast making it perfect for quick on the go applications! It's not overly glittery but a beautiful metallic gold. And a budget alternative to OPI's Golden Eye!

Models Own in Hot Stuff - Models own are probably my favourite nail polish brand, they stock such a range of colours and are coming out with some great collections lately. Hot Stuff, from the Mirrorball collection, is a sheer nail polish packed with pink glitter, as well as some large silver and gold and smaller red pieces making it much more 3 dimensional than just your standard pink glitter. I love this polish layered over a bright fushia as well as on its own.

Primark -  Both this and the one below are from recent four packs from Primark. This one is a beautiful bright fine glitter blue, another polish that looks great on it's own or layered over others, I personally like layering this on an accent nail over Barry M's Silver Sea as seen in my last nail post here

Primark - Another favourite of mine which unfortunately the camera hasn't picked up very well so I'll have to post a full NOTD soon. It's a beautiful fine glitter holographic. 's been looking for a holographic nail polish for a while so was really excited to find it in Primark so cheap! It came with 4 other polishes for only £2 making it a complete bargain at only 50p! 

Which of these do you think I should wear for carnival this weekend? What are your manicure plans for the bank holiday?

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