No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

I picked this up on a whim a few months ago as I needed a new cleanser and had one of No7s £5 vouchers making this only £4. I'd heard amazing things about both this and the Clarins pure melt gel so figured as it was my first gel cleanser I'd try out the cheaper option first.
I've always personally loved that squeaky clean feeling after washing your face but not so much that I then have to add the moisture back in. So I was keen to try a cleanser aimed at dry skin knowing that it wouldn't leave that tight feeling that you get after with some cleansers. 

It says to apply to damp skin but I personally prefer to apply it to dry, massaging it in so I can feel and see it disolving my make up. It comes out of the tube in a gel consistency which turns into more of an oil when rubbed in. Once you apply water it turns into more of a milky cleanser which makes washing it off very easy and gentle on the skin.
I fell in love with this from the first use, it left my skin feeling so hydrated, I'm guessing due to the rosehip oil, and after a few weeks of using it I really noticed a difference in my skin, it was less combination and much more normal. 

I couldn't believe how great this is for such little money. Priced at just £9 for 150ml is a steal, and even more of one when you can use one of their £5 off vouchers. I'll definitely be repurchsing this when it runs out! Though I would also love to try their balm cleanser aimed at dry to very dry skin, I can see that being a godsend come winter.

Have you tried No7's Gel cleanser before?


  1. I really love the Clarins cleanser but didn't know that no 7 did this too, defo gonna buy it next as looks like a great alternative!

    1. I wanted the Clarins once for a long time and then found this, it really is amazing but I'd love to see how the Clarins one compares! If you buy this I'd love to know what you think x