Sleek Pout Paints

I'd been after these Pout Paints from Sleek for a while after seeing them on a few blogs and loving the fact that they could create so many colours. I decided to pick out Pin Up, Rosette, Peek A Bloo and Cloud 9 for my birthday as I figured they'd be the best the best four to create the most possible colours. These truly are unique and have exceeded all my expectations to become one of my favourite lip products. 

These are extremely pigmented, they weren't lying when they said a little goes a long way. At first I thought the tubes were tiny and wouldn't last long but I can't see myself finishing these for years!

Application isn't as easy as a lipstick and you definitely need a brush, but once on they provide an extremely opaque slightly glossy finish which goes matte after about an hour. They're not too drying, however I would advise popping on a lip balm before. I found if I used too much product they did bleed but it's easy enough to apply a little and build up if needs be.

Pin Up and Rosette look beautiful on their own however to maximise their capabilities I decided to get Cloud Nine and Peek-A-Bloo which I personally wouldn't normally wear alone but are amazing when it comes to mixing. Adding the White to a shade makes it paler and adding the blue makes it darker. Also mixing the two makes a beautiful lilac that I've enjoyed wearing recently! 

Above you can see Pin Up mixed with Peek A Bloo on the left to create a rich dark plum colour, and with Cloud Nine on the right to create a rosey pink. The possibilities really are endless with these and whilst there are only 11 shades in the collection, unlike OCC Lip tars which I have seen them compared to a lot! Who have 36 in theirs, these are definitely more wearable colours to the everyday lady. 
I've also really loved mixing these with a little lip balm to create a subtle wash of colour! 

The only downside for me is the fact that touch ups really aren't easy if you're out. You'll definitely need a lipbrush to stop it going very wrong or ending up with colourful fingers and if you've mixed your own colour you'll need to mix a little extra and pop it in a pot to take with you. I personally don't mind this it just needs a little more thought that just throwing a lipstick in your handbag! 

Over the next few weeks I'll be popping up a few posts to show you just how versatile these are and the many colours and looks you can create with them.

Priced at £4.99 each for 8ml to buy from Sleek online or Superdrug I really can't recommend them enough, these have been amazing for experimenting after changing my hair colour drastically and not knowing what colours would suit me. I'm definitely going to be adding a few more to my collection soon, I'm especially wanting Lava, a beautiful orange shade. 

Have you tried Sleek Pout Paints before? What colours have you made?

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