Sunday Catch Up #13

This weeks bestseller over at SamanthaJ Bridal | Wednesday nights at Movida | Me and Georgia after being drenched in champagne | Congratulations to Ethos for getting through the the next round of the British Hairdresser Awards | Another photo of mine for their entry | Another Illamasqua Haul, whoops! | Goodbye roots, a little bright for my liking, full review coming soon | Me and Sam adopted a hedgehog this week, meet our new pet Gus! Cutest man ever | Hair dye not looking quite as bright | Squishy face beauty test | My beautiful best friend turned 21 | Her incredible cake made by my mum |

I have had such a busy week! I decided to redye my hair as my roots were awful and I wanted it to be nice for the week, after not being able to get an appointment at my salon for months I decided to do it myself, it was actually much easier than I thought, I'll post a full review soon. 

A few rather messy nights out where I turned into a complete party animal and had to be dragged home as I would have stayed out all night if I could have. On Wednesday me and some friends headed to Movida for their Made in Chelsea Wednesday parties, I have to admit being on their table and watching the madness as hundreds of people crowded round screaming and taking photos was crazy! I really do feel for them. Later on in the week I headed back to Brighton for my best friends surprise 21st, we had an amazing time watching the sunset on the beach drinking and dancing with friends until the thunderstorms started and about 2am and we decided to head home. 
How incredible was her cake! I know I'm biased but my mums cakes really do look and taste incredible. Check out her facebook page if you're interested in seeing anymore...

After a friend could no longer look after their African pygmy hedgehog me and my boyfriend jumped at the chance to adopt him. I've wanted one for a while and after transporting him across London and the poor guy being terrified and hiding for a while, after a few days of playing he's becoming very tame and happy to be around us, though he is a little on the chubby side so we'll be spending time trying to get him to exercise and sorting his diet out so he can be a bit more active without his little belly getting in the way. Expect lots of posts because I can't help myself, he's just so cute! 

And lastly for those of you who haven't seen before, I also design bridal accessories over at My Amelia headband was definitely out bestseller this week, lots of these being made ready to send out to my lovely customers! If you know someone getting married I'd love for you to pass it on if you think they'd be interested :)

What have you all been up to this week?

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