Sunday Catch Up #15

Watching the new Breaking Bad on a projector | Circus for drinks and dinner | Sushi and dumplings | Incredible performers | Main course | Performing on our table | me and my beautiful friend Kara | Milk chocolate mouse with spicy mango and coconut crumble | Snapchatting away | Me and Sam went bowling | And then to Wahaca for some damn good burritos | The dress I made for Saturdays wedding | Me, Sam and his beautiful niece Daisy | Sam with his other niece Ettie | Stuck in the middle of no where on the way home |

I've had such a brilliant week this week! New Breaking Bad was obviously incredible! We've not made it a weekly thing for my housemate to come up with popcorn whilst we all watch, hooked in silence every Monday. 

On Wednesday night I headed to Circus in Covent Garden with my agents and some other models. I'd heard incredible things about it and it completely exceeded even those expectations. The cocktails on arrival were amazing, but not as good as the food, that was seriously delicious, some of the best food I've tasted. But what really makes the place special is that on one large top table located next to the open kitchen (I do love it when you can see them cooking your food!) in between courses they have incredible performers come out and dance on your table. From acrobats to contortionists it was a dining experience I've never had before! We felt it was only fitting to pop to one of my favourite clubs after, the box, for some more drinking and shows. 

Thursday and Friday were spent with my boyfriend as we both had some time off. We went for some shopping, food and bowling, we both work a lot so it was nice to spend some quality time with him! I think the funniest moment was when he needed to get his haircuts so decided to go to Supercuts, the staff kept staring at me trying to figure out where they knew me from and twigged I was the girl in their window half way through. 

Me and Sam headed to Nottingham for a family wedding yesterday and after some lunch meeting the rest of his huge family! We headed to a lovely bar ready to dance the evening away. I woke up with a little bit of a sore head and was ready to get home to bed but unfortunately got stuck on the train, so I couldn't be happier finally being home tucked up in bed with a roast dinner! 

How have all of your weekends been?

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