Wella Color Recharge Conditioner in Warm Red

 Wella Color Recharge Conditioner in Warm Red*

I've written a few times about how high maintenance red hair is but I was definitely not prepared for just how quickly it would fade when I first dyed it.
Having to dye it every 3 weeks was fine during 'hair season' when everyone was shooting British Hairdresser Awards and campaigns as my hair was being dyed sometimes up to every week so my colour was always bright and I never had roots. But now work is a little quieter over the summer, combined with the UV rays from the sun I've found my colour fading rapidly and trying just about everything to try and slow the process down.

I was kindly given the Wella Recharge Conditioner in warm red a few months ago and at first assumed it would be similar to the Aveda conditioners I wrote about here back in April. Whilst the ones from Aveda were great, having to mix two together to achieve my perfect shade was not easy in the shower and sometimes it did take more of a peachy pink tone. This one I received from Wella was the perfect in between colour, not too red or yellow just the perfect, well, warm red! 

The Wella Recharge conditioners come in brunette, blonde and red with a warm and cool version for each. You apply them as you would your normal conditioner though leaving it on for a little longer. Obviously the longer you leave them on, the more the pigment will have time to stain your hair, and the more you use it the quicker you will see results. 

As you can see the conditioner is pigmented. I was worried about applying this all over as I never normally use conditioners on my roots to avoid them feeling greasy and weighed down but I didn't just want to brighten up my ends so I applied it all over. Its extremely lightweight and left my roots feeling as they normally would. 
After leaving it on for around 5 minutes in the shower, I rinsed it out and dried my hair. 
My hair felt incredibly soft and nourished as if I'd used a treatment and my colour was brighter and my hair shinier. 
After a few months of using it a twice a week I've definitely noticed a change in how quickly my hair fades. My colour looks brighter for longer without damaging my hair with dying it often. 

I'd definitely recommend this for those looking for a color boost in between dyes to stop that 'meh' look of dyed hair after a few washes when the colour just isn't the same. 

The Wella Color Recharge conditioner retails for £11.85 for 200ml from feel unique or salons selling Wella products. 

Do you have problems with colour fade and wish you could prolong your colour?

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