All About The Red Lips

I'm a complete sucker for red lips. I've got really into wearing them lately, especially on nights out as I feel it can completely make your look and make you feel made up instantly just by adding a bit of colour. It's an easy colour to wear, there is a shade to suit everyone and it's a bold yet classic choice.
I don't think I will ever own enough red lipsticks for my liking, there are so many different finishes and shades that I'm constantly searching for the perfect long lasting red.

I picked my five favourite reds in my collection from a very budget friendly £1 to a higher end £16.50, from matte finishes, to cream to liquid. I personally suit slightly darker blue toned reds but I'll comment on the finish more as most come in other shades of red.

From Left to right - Illamasqua lipstick in Maneater £16.50 | Sleek Pout paint in Pin Up £4.99 | Elf Studio Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red £3.75 | MUA lipstick in Shade 13 £1 | Elf lipstick in Fearless £1.50

Illamasqua's lipstick in Maneater is probably my most worn shade. It's a gorgeous classic red with a matte formula which is incredibly long lasting whilst not being too drying. I posted a full review here. Next is Sleek's Pout Paint in Pin Up this liquid lipstick dries to a matter finish than this swatch and is extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way and it lasts an incredibly long time without the need for touch ups, which is handy as you can't really apply it on the go without a brush. It's a bright classic red but can be mixed with their other pout paints to add more blue or orange tones, the most versatile out of the bunch for sure. Another matte formula comes in the form of Elf's Studio Matte Lip Pencil. It's not quite as long lasting as the first two but the fact it's a pencil makes on the go touch ups foolproof. I love using this for nights outs as even if a little intoxicated I don't end up with wonky lips or it smeared across my face. Its a creamy, highly pigmented pencil and applied beautifully without any dragging. My most budget friendly lipstick is MUA's Lipstick in Shade 13 (seriously how hard is it to name a lipstick?!) I still cannot believe how pigmented and creamy this is for a mere one pound. It's pretty moisturising and lasts a good few hours before touch ups are needed. Lastly is Elf's Lipstick in fearless, it's similar in texture to MUA's offering. It's again creamy and highly pigmented but a slightly darker colour which I personally prefer. This lasts for about 3 hours before touch ups are needed and doesn't leave my lips feeling parched as some of the matte ones do. My only downside with this is that it broke in the tube as it was a bit too soft and creamy so it's not the best for me to be using without a brush now. 

Are you a fan of red lips? Which is your personal favourite? 


  1. I love a good red lippy too, especially on a night out. I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it in the daytime yet though!
    I love the ones you picked , I'll definitely be in search of the MUA red! It still really annoys me that they call them 'shade 13' etc too haha! But for £1 you can't really complain!
    Rachel x

    1. Same, I see so many girls looking incredible wearing it in the day but I'd be too scared as well! For night time though I love it. Exactly, t's incredible for £1 so I'll let them off with the naming :p x