Battle of The Bases - Illamasqua

I first fell in love with Illamasqua's foundations a few years ago when my friend came over before a night out and told me I had to try her new foundation, Skinbase, from Illamasqua. I couldn't believe how flawless it was but at the time I was just about to go travelling and spending £25+ on foundation wasn't really an option. I completely forgot about it and then during their 50% off sale some months ago I decided for such a great foundation £13.50 was nothing, but of course they had sold out so I decided to go for Rich Liquid in 115 instead and guessed the colour from swatches online. A few months later I picked up their Cream foundation in the same shade and then this week finally got my hands on Skinbase from a blog sale in shade 03.

Left - Skinbase 03 | Middle - Rich Liquid 115 | Right - Cream Foundation 115

Skinbase - Probably one of the most incredible foundations I have ever tried. It applies effortlessly leaving a flawless yet skin like complexion, my freckles still show through yet blemishes don't. It's a medium coverage foundation but can be built up without it looking cakey. It dries to a sort of satin finish, it's not completely matte but I wouldn't describe it as dewy, it really does just look like natural skin but flawless. It contains silicons so doubles up as a primer and smooths out fine lines and imperfection, I personally normally react badly to silicone products especially primers but I've been completely fine using this. I would say stay away if you have dry skin as it does like to cling to dry patches. The colour looks a little dark for my skin if it's not blended in well, but the next shade down was to light so I figured this was best as I could always mix it and it would be perfect for when I'm embracing the faux glow. 

Rich Liquid - The heaviest of them all, this is definitely a full coverage foundation yet it blends out so well that it doesn't look caked or unnatural. It does take a little work and a light hand so you don't over apply but it's incredibly long lasting, I'm talking still great by the end of a night out. It dries to a matte finish so powder isn't necessary but I like to use it to set it anyway. I also use this as a concealer as a tiny amount covers up blemishes perfectly. The colour is a little light for me (which never happens!) but will be perfect for winter time. Currently this mixed with my skin base creates my perfect shade and an incredible foundation.

Cream Foundation - I'd describe this as a medium coverage, you can build it up but it's quite easy to make it look cakey if you do so I'd steer clear and just use a concealer. I find that if I apply it with the sponge it comes with it can look a bit heavy so I personally like to apply it with a stippling or buffing brush and just use the sponge for touch ups when I'm on the go. It has quite a dewy finish and I have found if I don't set this with a powder and it's hot it can slide a little, but a little powder sorts this problem out easily. This is by far the best of the three for travelling, with its mirror and sponge in the compact touch ups are easy when you're out. The colour is my perfect match and even though this and my Rich Liquid are called the same shade I'd say this has less pink in it and is more neutral which fits my skin tone better. 

All three are incredibly pigmented and long lasting, I am yet to come across bases that perform as well as Illamasqua's. Their shade range is also incredible! None of this high street 7 shades nonsense not catering to anything but 'beige' they have a huge 27 shades of Skinbase from pure white to dark all with varying undertones and 12 in the other two so they really do match your skin. Also in their range is Light Liquid, a lighter coverage version of Rich Liquid and powder foundation which I am yet to try.

Rich Liquid retails at £25 for 30ml, Skinbase at £27 for 30ml and Cream Foundation is normally £23 but it's currently in Illamasqua's member sale for just £7.50 making it a complete bargain if you want to try one of their foundations out but aren't sure which.  

Have you tried Illamasqua's foundatioms before? Which is your favourite?

Sam xx

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