Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

Before this summer I'd never been a fake tan girl. I'd always embraced my paleness and not cared. But whist the sun was out earlier this year I decided to pull out a bottle of St Tropez mousse I'd been gifted at an event and hoped I didn't mess it up. Having never used fake tan before, only gradual tanners which I even managed to mess up, and my only spray tan being when filming for fast and furious 6 and ending up looking a little orange with stained hands I couldn't believe how foolproof mousse tanners were. I was more than happy with my St Tropez but after I'd got hooked on the bronzed glow and was going out one evening with no time to sleep in it I decided to pop into Primark and pick up this tan from Cocoa Brown that I'd started seeing rave reviews about. 

I honestly wasn't expecting much but couldn't believe the results. This quickly became my go to tanner. I'm not on my third bottle and still loving it. 

The main factor that sold it to me was the fact that you apply it, wait for 1 hour for a natural glow, 2 hours for a medium glow and 3 hours for a dark glow. Not only do I no longer have orange sheets but it also means that I can apply this a few hours before I leave the house if I decided I want a bit of a tan that day. 

The bottle with continuous pump is very functional and makes tanning large areas such as legs easy in one go, though you do have to work quickly as this stuff if fast drying! It's has a soft velvety consistency making it an absolute dream to apply, the guide colour is a nice light golden brown which means if you want to go out whilst it's developing you can and best of all there is barely any disgusting biscuit smell! 

So, does it work? Yes! It really does tan that quickly. I'd say it makes me darker than a night of sleeping in my St Tropez in just three hours. The end colour is natural and not at all orange, it wears off evenly without going patchy and I've found I can reapply over it without it being a disaster. Once I washed it off I did notice that it kept developing after so bear in mind the colour when you hop out of the shower probably wont be your final one.

Priced at just £6 from Primark and £7.99 from Feel Unique it is a complete bargain. I honestly don't think I could love this tan more! 

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