Fashion Week Update

Hey all!
Thought I'd post a quick update as I've been crazy busy with the run up to fashion week and haven't had time to properly blog the past few days.
Today I say over 30 designers, managed to grab lunch at half four before carrying on, having a fitting and getting home around 9. I have to be back up at 7 so as much as I'd love to write beauty related posts right now, it's going to take all my energy to wash my face and curl up into bed but I promise in a few days when castings have quietened down I'll be doing some full Fashion week related posts showing you behind the scenes and my fashion week essentials! Let me know if there are any posts in particular you'd like to see!

But for now here is a post of my lovely lunch at Itsu when I got 5 minutes to sit down, and the Fashion Scout casting.

Hope you're all enjoying your week and are a bit more stress free than me! 

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