Sunday Catch Up #20

Gus has got so tame we can hold him properly now | Behind the scenes from the Matrix campaign shot earlier this year | Three of the girls | The first look from a shoot earlier this week | I loved the make up! | Wardrobe of dreams | The second look, the crimped updo | Heaven! | Ready for fashion week | My boyfriend fell asleep with Gus on his belly | Found my beautiful friend Alex in the window when I got my hair done yesterday | Kill Bill party at Amika, such a good night and I got to wear a sparkly eye patch! |

I have had such a hectic week. With fashion week coming up next week the castings have already started which means rushing around London for me! As it's Spring/Summer the fake tan has come out, full review coming soon, it's amazing, and my hair has been toned down so it's less orange and more natural ginger for the catwalk. 

In between fashion week castings and organising I've managed to squeeze in a few editorials which were great fun and I can't wait to share the photos, as well as a little too much socialising, but you can never see your friends too much! As ha;f of mine are leaving for uni in the next few weeks it felt right to send them off in style!

I know I said I'd get back to daily blogging and I will try but the next week is going to be insanely hectic for me so I'll squeeze it in when I can, most probably in the queue for a casting if I can get wifi, but hopefully I'll be able keep you all up to date on the madness that is fashion week backstage. Follow me on twitter or instagram for more frequent updates on it.

Hope you're all looking forward to next week and all the new fashion and beauty trends! 

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