Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in Stark

During Illamasqua's last sale I popped this in my basket on a whim as I am constantly on the look out for a new eyebrow powder or pencil that goes with my hair. I find it seriously hard to do my eyebrows some days, do I go for the barely any eyebrows look like a natural red head? Do I match them in colour? Or simply just darken and define them a little? Honestly, I still haven't figured it all out, I think it depends on my mood, but when I saw one of their eyebrow cakes which I'd heard such great things about designed especially for redheads I had to get it. 

When I got it the colour was definitely a lot redder than I imagined it to be. More auburn and less ginger which right now isn't really my hair colour so I dismissed it at first thinking it wouldn't suit me.
I recently came back to it and I'm so glad I did. If applied lightly the colour is definitely not too red and it really does look natural, the perfect brown with a hint of red.

 It's highly pigmented as can be expected from Illamasqua, applies evenly and stays put for hours used as a powder. I can't comment on how well it stays used wet as I'm not a lover of sever brows on me plus the colour would definitely be too strong but if getting this swatch off my arm is anything to go by then it wont budge all day! Seriously I had to scrub it off.

Left - Applied dry       Right - Applied wet 

It is back in Illamasqua's sale as of today! Priced at only £5 rather than its usual £15.50 for 4.5g of product which will definitely last a while.

I'll be posting a full eye brow tutorial soon on my favourite products to use and showing a before and after of my brows with this so keep your eyes peeled! 

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