Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist

I picked this up a few months ago in Illamasqua's sale as I was yet to try any of their pigments and figured out of all of the colours a black pigment would be the most versatile for me as I could use it as both an shadow and liner. 
The colour I picked up was Zeitgeist, described as a dark shimmer. It's a black pigment with flecks of beautiful fine milled glitter running through it. It really is a beautiful colour and although I'm not normally one for dark make up, this worked into a smokey eye for a dramatic night time look looks incredible.

Left - With flash | Right Without Flash

The one downside to this for me is the packaging. You can't really tell from the photos as the product has spilt out, but the product is all kept below a sealed plastic lid with a small circular hole in the middle. The idea is that the pigment is kept below and you can dispense a little at a time but I found that it didn't keep it in well as the hole is too big and when taking the lid off I got covered in black on a few occasions which I wasn't impressed with. 

 Left - Mixed with water | Right - Applied dry

 It can be used both wet or dry making it extremely versatile. When applied dry the base colour is a bit softer with the shimmer being quite prominent, its easy to blend without a great deal of fall out. When applied dry the base colour is a lot more intense with a more subtle shimmer. If you wanted a stronger base colour with more shimmer I'd recommend applying it wet and then dabbing it dry over the top.

It is extremely pigmented and long lasting, I had to seriously scrub to get these swatches off especially the wet one. If you're using this as an eyeliner it's not going to budge all day and night! 

Illamasqua pigments retail for £16.50 for 1.3g which for the quality is brilliant, I can't see myself finishing this up for years so it really was a great purchase. I'd love to try some more of their pigments now, especially Furore and Ore. 

Have you tried Illamasqua pigments before? 

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  1. These pigments are so beautiful, I currently own three shades: Static, Ore and Feverent, by far the best pigments I have tried and this review makes me want more!