Sunday Catch Up #19

Staring the week of castings off the naughty/right way with Maccy Ds | Itsu yumminess | My life for the week, castings | Sneak Peak of a shoot coming soon! | Gus looking grumpy | Duck pancakes, my favourite | I knitted a scarf! | Hair and make up for my first show | Dinner at Baroque at Playboy Club | Snapped munching on popcorn | Hair and make up for my second show | Finale |

Wow. What a week.
After deciding to do fashion week last minute I really wasn't expecting much. Castings were insane though, with queues of up to two hours and countless castings a day, I think my most was seeing 33 designers in one day! That combined with the awful weather London has been graced with all of a sudden meant that I'm shattered and now ill, great.  But it has been fun, I've done my first two shows and have no idea what the rest of the week holds for me but I'll be honestly happy if I don't book any more shows and can just chill out! No one can prepare you for how intense it is, and unfortunately how awful it can make you feel about yourself. 

I really haven't had much time to do anything else but work, eat and sleep. So I've been treating myself to some really good food this week, after all god knows how much I've run around and deserved it! 

I have been snapping away though and as I have a bit of time off tomorrow expect a barrage of fashion week related posts as well as normal blogging to resume!

How are you finding fashion week so far? Are you involved with it at all?
Only two days of it to go!

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