Sunday Catch Up #20

Frank chilling out the wrong way up on the sofa | I apparently have my own playlist on spotify for Supercuts, check it out!| First look for House Of Evolution 2014 | Second look - designer Josh and Nicol | Hair and make up | From Liz Black's presentation | Got hooked on Orange is the new black | Gus has breakfast with us | First ever battered mars bar, oh dear god it was good |

I haven't had a very exciting week this week, I was pretty ill for most of it so a lot of my time was spent snuggled up in bed watching Orange is the new black, or working. I you haven't watched it you really need to! I watched the whole series in 3 days (don't judge me I was ill) it's incredible and I can't wait till season 2, I'm hoping its not too far away. 

After my hairdryer caught fire in my hand at the beginning of the week, and as much as I love to leave my hair to dry naturally, it isn't always realistic especially when I get last minute jobs or castings so I popped to Westfield to find a new one, and accidentally picked up quite a few other bits so expect lots of new reviews soon.

I'm in Birmingham next weekend to model for the Bullring's 10th anniversary so if any of you have any recommendations on where to eat or any places I should definitely check out I'd love to know! Or or any of you want to grab a coffee in between shows I'd love to meet up!

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