Sunday Catch Up #21

Overload of cuteness | Side twist to keep in a growing out fringe | Lunch breaks | Such beautiful make up by lllamasqua | The Saturdays performing after our show | Who says models don't eat? Thanks Krispy Kreme! | Touch ups | In our first looks | So much love for today's find |

It's been such a busy week! Castings all week only to head off to Birmingham to work for the weekend. Thank god I was with a lovely bunch of people who made every moment great otherwise I'd probably have had a melt down by day one with everything that went wrong! The hotel not finding our booking so making us wait till gone 11 to give us rooms was the last straw we wanted after a very early train, hours of fittings and even more hours of rehearsals. 
We did five shows on Saturday with ten looks in each show and three shows today. The make up was incredible and done by the lovely team at Illamasqua, as you may have guessed, my favourite make up brand so I was definitely happy to get to a job to find that they had a foundation pale enough! I love the simple classic look of a clean base, a slick of mascara and a bold red lip. Hair was by Umberto Giannini and was a beautiful sleek side chignon. I'll do a full post soon on the whole event including tutorials on the hair and make up! 

Now it's time for food and bed! I love going away but it's so nice to come back to my own bed, even if this one does contain a snoring boyfriend :p

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  1. Still find it crazy that I spotted you! Gonna draft up a post today :) xo