Wednesday Wishlist #12 Autumn At Asos

Boater Hat - The perfect hat for when it's not quite cold enough for a big chunky knitted hat but you still want to keep warm whilst looking good. Black is the safe choice for my hair colour but makes it look more vibrant so I don't mind.
New Look Wing Bag - I've been after a new medium black sized bag for a while now. I loved this this second I saw it and couldn't believe how cheap it was! It reminded me of zara bags for a fraction of the price.
Classic Mac Every wardrobe needs a classic mac in it I feel. I'm torn between the traditional or going for an olive green to go with being a redhead.
Blue Coat - After digging my coats out earlier this week I realised nearly all of them are black, so I've been on the hunt for a coloured coat. I stumbled across this and fell in love! The colour is stunning and would be perfect to brighten up a drab rainy day.
Cut Out Boots  - Jumping on the cut out trend I love these boots.So reasonably priced for Aldo, the heel height would be suitable for day time wear but also great for evenings when you want to be a bit more comfortable than wearing sky high heels!
Black Jeans -  The downside of black jeans is definitely how quickly they fade, none of mine seem very black anymore so I'm on the hunt for a new pair, but being so tall yet slim, I do find it difficult to find jeans which are long enough yet hug all the way down the leg. These look great on the model, I love the fact theyre slightly high waisted and that they're soft making them more comfortable which is a bonus.
Studded Duffle bag -  Another black bag I know, but I couldn't resist adding this one in too as it's just beautiful. The studs aren't too much and it's a great size.

What do you think of my most wanted items for autumn? Anything I'm missing?

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