Halloween Week - Pop Art Make Up Tutorial

I decided as it's one of my favourite times of the year to have a full week of Halloween inspired posts on A Model In London. I thought I'd kick it off with my costume for tomorrow, a pop art inspired look. I wanted to go for something a bit different that I didn't think I'd see anyone else in so when I saw a similar look on instagram I knew this was it. 

You will need:
Black Eyeliner (I used a gel one)
A thin brush 
Blue and purple eye shadow
White pigment or foundation
Red and pink lipstick
Wig (optional)

I started by applying my foundation to make sure I had a pale and even base for my look to go over. Using a black gel eyeliner fill in your eyebrows completely. Then using a thin eyeliner brush draw in your expression and contour lines. It's up to you where you want to put them and what expression you want to go for. 

Next I applied my blue eye shadow wet in a tear shape under one eye and outlined it in black. Then using my purple shadow (you can use any colour, just go for one that's bright and will pop) I applied it all over my lids and using my black liner drew a line in my eye crease for contouring. 

I then added in a red lip and used my black gel liner to outline it. Unless you have an extremely steady hand I'd recommend filling it in with a highly pigmented red first, then doing your outline and going back over to fix any lines. I found this the easiest way. After you're happy with the shape get a little liquid white pigment or foundation and paint a little on one side and also down the tear drop. 

Now is the time to do the dots and add the real impact! I mixed my own pink using liquid lipstick and used the end of one of my make up brushes to make the circles. I found it easiest to outline the features and lines with dots first and fill in the larger areas, this way I wasn't left with any spaces or bunched up bits. 

Finally make any touch ups (I had to redo the white on my lip) pop on your wig and you're ready to go! 
I'd recommend making sure your face is completely dry as I did smudge my dots a little bit when putting on the wig. 
I'll be making a speech bubble sign to go on a head band to finish it off for tomorrow, and popping on a polka dot outfit. It only took half an hour and I think it makes a nice change to a witch or a vampire using bits of make up most of us already have. 
The exact products I used are: llamasqua's Rich fluid foundation in 115, ELF's HD setting powder in translucent, ELF's cream eyeliner in black, MUA's glamour days palette, MUA's mega volume mascara in black, Sleeks pout paints in pin up, cloud 9 and rosette. My wig is from ebay, I can't remember the exact seller but I cut it shorter.

If you haven't seen already I also did a zombie tutorial last week, you can find that here.

What do you think? Would you wear this for Halloween?


  1. That's so weird! My friend literally just did something like this but with the blonde woman, how bizarre

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING. I wanted to do this last year for Halloween but ended up going as a lion which was quite good because the club I went to had two other girls there dressed up as pop art characters. I still think it's an amazing idea though and so much for interesting and original than your typical halloween costumes! xo

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