Halloween - Zombie Make Up Tutorial

I really love Halloween. It's the one day (week) where I can dress up completely crazy and get away with it. I've never had any make up training and can't for the life of me remember what videos I watched last year to come up with this look but I thought I'd put together a step by step tutorial on how to zombify yourself after I did it for our halloween party last year and it went down really well. 

You will need: 
Pva glue (You can use liquid latext but I find Pva to be cheaper and easier to get hold of)
Full coverage foundation
Setting powder
Green and brown eyeshadows
Dark red lipstick or facepaint
Fake blood

Start off by running a little concealer through your eyebrows, you can completely block them out if you want but I didn't bother as mine are quite fair. Next get your pva glue and brush on a little in random patches over one side of your face, this will be where your cuts and peeling skin are. On the other side of your face paint a rough circle around your eye where you want it to look like it's been torn off, I'd recommend avoiding your eyebrow, you don't want to loose any of it when it's peeled off!

Take your tissue, single ply so it's as thin as possible, and tear it into thin strips. While the glue is still wet place a single layer of tissue all around. Go over it with another layer of pva glue so it's completely covered. Apply another layer of tissue, this time just focusing on the inside. You want the outside of the circle to be as thin as possible so it sits flush to your face, this will make it blend in better later so it looks more like your own skin. Keep applying a thin layer of tissue then pva to build up the inside of the circle. End on a layer of pva and leave the whole thing to dry.
Once it's completely dry take a high coverage foundation and apply it to your entire face and all the glue and tissue and set with powder. As you can see it's starting to blend in now. Don't worry too much about the foundation being a complete skin tone match at this point as with the shading you won't tell, just make sure to blend down into your neck. 

Next comes the shading. Using a mixture of brown and green eyeshadows start adding bruising and the look of dead skin. I started by shading in the inner circle slightly, this will make it look more like the skin has died later on. Then I added lots of shading to my other eye, around my nose, where the pva glue is and on my jawline. Just play around with it deciding where you think it needs to be. 

Using your fingers peel away the inner circle make sure you do it carefully so you don't peel off the outside at all. Also peel back some of the pva on the other side of your face, or like I've done at the one on my forehead, make a little hole in the middle.
Next take your red lipstick and apply it to the inner circle and around your cuts, I found using a lip brush the easiest way to do this so you can get into every bit. Make sure to go under where your fake skin peels away so if it moves there is still wound underneath it. 

Now it's time to apply your fake blood. Be liberal, the more you use and the more it's dripping and oozing the more disgusting and realistic it will be. I started with my eye applying a thick layer to the entire area before adding in a little black face paint to give it a bit more depth and make it look even more decayed. Then I applied it to the cuts on the other side of my face, you can see with the forehead wound that the more you apply the more realistic it can look. I also added a little to my nose. Finally I added a little foundation to my lips to take the colour out of them. Now is the time to go back and add in any more detail, bruising or shading you think you need, and tada! Your look is done!

It really is all in the details so play around with it, add more where you think you need it, don't be scared to go over the top!

What do you think? Will you be going as a zombie this halloween?


  1. This is seriously good Sam! Great photos and really easy to follow and it looks amazing. xo

    1. Thanks! I tried to make it as simple as possible without it being a video x