Illamasqua Liquid Metal In Electrum

Another product from Illamasqua today! I honestly cannot get enough of their make up lately, I am yet to find a product that doesn't wow me. It's taking all my will power to space these posts out rather then just bombarding you with incredible recommendations. 

Today's post is all about their Liquid Metal in Electrum. I'd not heard much about them, but whilst placing my last order I stumbled across them and decided to pop Electrum into my basket as I'm a huge fan of cream eye shadows but was yet to find a nice gold colour that wasn't too yellow or bronze.

This is incredibly smooth to the touch, it's as if it actually melts onto your finger when you touch it it really is beautiful to apply. Extremely pigmented, as I would expect, yet if you use just a tiny bit and blend it it can apply quite sheer. 

The few reviews I'd seen had said that due to them being so creamy that they didn't last very long, but i actually found the opposite. Expecting to come home at the end of my long night out to find it gone it still looked immaculate and just as it did when I'd applied it.  

I didn't realise how incredibly versatile this would be until I played around with it. Not only have I been wearing it as an eye shadow but also as an eyeliner and a highlighter. I've also found that mixing a tiny amount into my foundation gives me a beautiful glow. I've been reaching for this most days for one use or another, I was expecting it to be much more of an evening shadow so I'm so happy to see how much use I'm getting out of it. Not that you can tell. A little goes such a long way, mine still looks like I've just swatched it! 

As you can see from the swatch above it is extremely opaque from one swipe yet blends beautifully to a sheerer finish. 

Priced at £17.50 for 8g it's a little pricey yes, but with the amount of uses this has and how long this is going to last me it's worth every penny. 

Another incredible product from Illamasqua! I'll definitely be picking these up in more colours. 

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