Loreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil

I had a complete love/hate relationship with my Loreal Micellar Water, I loved using it but it was just a bit too stingy on my sensitive eyes. I decided to look out for a new make up remover. I'm one to double cleanse so I really did just want something fairly inexpensive to take off my everyday make up as well as heavier 'stage' make up applied on shoots and at shows before cleansing my skin, when I spotted this on one of my favourite blogs for recommendations Thunderlove. I picked it up with a third off at the time from Superdrug and was hoping I'd love it as much as Natalie does and I definitely do!

I apply 3-4 pumps on dry skin and this covers my whole face and eyes easily. The oil is lightweight and feels silky on the skin, not greasy which makes it feel nicer and more luxurious to use. After massaging it in, I leave it for about 15 seconds, add a little water and massage it again until it turns into more of a milk to really deep clean and then remove with a damp flannel. My skin is left completely make up free yet soft and hydrated. This definitely doesn't strip my skin of any moisture, and I find using a gel or balm based cleanser after leaves my skin glowing and squeaky clean without feeling tight. 

This bottle is honestly lasting me ages. I was getting through the same size bottle of micellar water every month, yet I've been using this for a few months now and not even a quarter has gone. I definitely can't see myself using this before the year is up!

My one downside with this, and all oil cleansers really, is that my eyes are left quite cloudy after using it. They come back to normal within a few minutes and it doesn't hurt my eyes at all but I just find it strange! 

Priced at £7.99 for 150ml, I think it's a complete bargain bearing in mind how many months this will last and how quickly it removes all traces of make u. I'll definitely be buying another bottle when this runs out!

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