MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I'd heard so much hype about this palette when it was first released but it was almost impossible to get hold of. It had sold out online and every superdrug I seemed to look in had sold out too so you can imagine my excitement when I found the last one hidden at the back of a stand a few months ago. I've always loved neutral eyeshadows, to the point where I'd considered splashing out £36 on Urban decays naked palette so figured as everyone was calling this a dupe it was worth giving this a try for a whopping £32 price difference. 

The shades are beautiful, there's a huge array of both warm and cool metallic and matte shades. Ranging from cream to black, between the 12 shades there is more than enough to create both daytime and nighttime looks. 
The metallic shades are extremely pigmented with great colour pay off whilst the matte shades are slightly more sheer, though that seems to be the case with most highstreet matte eyeshadows.  The shadows are quite buttery in texture and apply smoothly and evenly with just a little fall out. 
All shades work well together and blend beautifully to create a smokey eye or contouring. They are also pretty long lasting. The metallic shades last a good 8-10 hours, with the matte shades lasting only a few without a primer but with one they're capable of lasting around 6-8. I experienced no creasing and the colours faded evenly when they eventually did.
I was quite honestly blown away with the quality of this.

Naked | Devotion | Shy | Fiery | Lavish | Dreamy
Tranquil | Exposed | Reveal | Wink | Obsessed | Corrupt 
(The pale shades don't show up too great as I am so pale but believe me they're just as pigmented!)

Now I personally don't own Urban Decay's Naked or Naked 2 palettes, if I'm honest I was planning to if I liked the shades in this but after seeing how great this is I don't think I will be purchasing either. Instead I'm now desperate to get my hands on MUA's Undressed palette for a mere £4. 

What do you think of MUA's palette? Do you have Urban Decay's Naked 2? If so how do you think it compares? 


  1. I think I'd have to agree with you on this - Urban Decay is NOT worth parting with £36 for! I have this palette too and I really like it. I have the Urban Decay naked basics palette which has mostly matte shades but to be honest, there isn't THAT much of a difference in quality in my opinion - definitely not when you think of how much each cost xo

    1. Oh I'm so glad you've said this! Every time I'm tempted to buy it I just wonder if it really is worth it with dupes like this. x