My MUA Lipstick Collection

I remember the first time I tried a lipstick from MUA. I really wasn't expecting much, after all, it only cost me £1 so if it wasn't great I wouldn't mind, but when I applied it and after one swipe found it was incredibly creamy and pigmented I knew I had to own more. Frankly, I don't know how I don't own the rest of the colours. There are 16 shades in total, so for the entire collection it works out at a little more than a single MAC lipstick, a total bargain right?
 I have seven colours from the collection. The pigmentation and finish varies from shade to shade. Some are incredibly pigmented whilst some are sheerer. A few have a metallic finish and some contain pretty big chunks of glitter in them. I'm pretty sure everyone will find at least one lipstick out of 16 that they love and suits them. 

Firstly, the packaging it actually pretty great for £1. It's not the most exciting no, but its sturdy, the lids don't pop off in my handbag and the little bit of colour at the end the bullet is great for knowing which colour it is without opening it. It also unscrews to reveal a little more product in the end which I think is a nice touch, though I'm not sure when you'd use it apart from maybe when the actual lipstick had run out and you hadn't got a new one yet? 

L-R | Shade 3 | Shade 9 | Shade 10 | Shade 11 |
Shade 13 | Shade 14 | Shade 16 |

The pigmentation for most is great, as you can see from the swatches above, after just one swipe nearly all are completely opaque. The formula is definitely on a par with a lot of more expensive brands you can find in Superdrug, if not better. 

They aren't the longest lasting of lipsticks, I have to touch them up within a few hours, but I find this is quite standard with non matte lipsticks. They're pretty damn moisturising for high street lipsticks and I'm not left feeling uncomfortable or chapped so I really don't mind having to reapply them. 

With a great shade range of everyday and bold shades, they're great for trying out a new colour without splashing out on a higher end lipsticks. I honestly can't recommend these enough for their price! I'm now desperate to pick up some of their new matte lipsticks.

Have you tried MUA lipsticks before? Which is your favourite shade?

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  1. The only thing by MUA that I have tried is their eyeshadow but I've been keen to try out some of their other products because they are so cheap! I will definitely be picking up some of their lipsticks now - thanks for posting this! xo