Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Shampoo and Treatment

You may have seen in last Thursday's post here that I packed this sample duo from Shu Uemura to take away with me to Birmingham. I figured it was a perfect time to put it to the test as my hair was covered in god knows how much mousse and hairspray to the point where it was solid. It was blow dried, straightened, curled and back combed. The ultimate test right? So...How did it perform?

Not only am I always on the look out for a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't mean I'm washing my colour down the drain but they also have to leave my hair feeling stronger and nourished over time as well as being left soft and manageable after every wash. In my profession my hair does get a fair bit tortured. I am well aware I am looking for a LOT out of my hair care but if there is a colour safe shampoo that can remove product build up I deal with on jobs and a conditioner or treatment that can keep my hair healthy and stop it from breaking then I don't see why I should settle for anything else! 

The Silk Bloom range from Shu Uemura is packed with argan oil and other moisturising ingredients formulated to penetrate the hair follicle and moisturise deep down to repair. Aimed at dry and damaged hair it seemed like it would be perfect for my hair, especially in the state it was.

I started off with soaking my hair before applying the entire sachet of the shampoo to my hair. It lathered up nicely, it was quite thick but didn't weigh down my hair at all once it was rinsed and dried. My first thought wax how great it smelt, slightly floral but not over powering, apparently the scent of the Hirosaki flower. Once rinsed my hair felt incredibly conditioned, as if I'd already applied a conditioner. I'd compare the shampoo results with my beloved holy grail dry remedy shampoo from Aveda, it definitely left it feeling as nourished.My only problem was that the sachet size definitely wasn't enough to get out all the hair spray and my hair still once dried did feel like it had a little product in it. For normal everyday use it wouldn't be a problem, but as I said before, my hair was solid so this really was a test on it. 

I applied the treatment to rung out hair, and actually found the opposite. The sachet was more than enough to cover my ends and two thirds up my hair. I normally find that as my hair is so thick I have to use much more product but I didn't at all with this. It has the same incredible smell which I was happy to embrace while I let it do its magic for a few minutes. I rinsed it off and my hair felt incredible. It was so soft and smooth and once dried the result continued. My hair was a lot more manageable and tangle free than normal and my ends were less frizzy even with no oil or extra product added to damp hair. My hair actually looked more voluminous too even for a few days where it would have normally gone flat. 

Priced at £24 for 300ml of shampoo and £39.50 for 200ml of treatment it really is a rather expensive range, but with results like that after one use on awful hair I can imagine I would only grow to love them more after prolonged use. This actually is cheaper than my Aveda shampoo so I may have to purchase this instead after I have run out as the results were so similar. Overall I was incredibly impressed with my first try of Shu Uemura hair care.

Have you tried their hair care before? What did you think?

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