Sunday Catch Up #22

Waiting for the boat along the Thames | At The Nokia Lumia Live sessions | Poor Ralph and his cute face | Gus up and ready for his first photoshoot | Sneak Peak | Bit of drama on our street | Starters at Blakes | Me, Linnea and Anna at Blake's | Sad face | Found myself after my job on Friday | Alex's birthday, dinner with the girls | I love London at night |

I actually wrote this yesterday so if you follow me on instagram and notice some photos missing they will be in next weeks! I was up extremely early this morning to head to the airport and fly to Amsterdam, I'm here for a hair show for a few days and knew I wouldn't have wifi to post this here. (check me out actually being prepared for once!)

I've had such a busy week, I feel like I haven't stopped! After a relaxed day on Monday to recover from working all weekend with little sleep I kicked my week off with the last #lumialive session of Nokia's gigs. The plan was to meet at London bridge pier, sail down the Thames to London's last remaining lighthouse, have some food and drinks, watch the bands and then sail home. I was so excited only to turn up and have to wait around for over an hour for them to tell us the boat was full and to put us on the coach. I felt so sorry for the people who had won their tickets only to be turned away because they ran out of coach space too. Once we got there we had the same problem with food and after queuing for over an hour they ran out. The bands were great and the drinks were flowing but I  have to admit, half 9 came and we were so hungry we headed home. It had such potential to be incredible, it was a shame that they invited 3x more people than they had planned for. 

My beautiful hedgehog had his first photohoot this week for a magazine, he was incredibly well behaved and photogenic, I can't wait to share the photos with you! He must have felt like a king running around in designer silk scarves, he looked so happy. 

Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited to one of my favourite restaurants as they launched their new menu. We arrived, had a few amazing cocktails followed by their tasting menu. It really was incredible, and their new menu is delicious, anyone who can make wasabi mash potato and soft shell crab with chilli, lime and coriander sauce wins me over. If you haven't been to Blake's before I cannot recommend it enough. I always leave so satisfied and happy. 

Fitting this all in around, work, birthdays, drinks with friends and flying has been a challenge but I love weeks where I feel like I've done so much. 

I hope you've all had a great week!

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