Sunday Catch Up #23

Chip+Fish with the fella | Early morning flights are not nice | Drag queen worthy heels | Rehearsing | Show Prep | Scallop and tiger prawn salad | Beef sirloin with spinach mash and truffle sauce | Fig mousse | 3 of us ready for the show | The styling models | Quick change into an avant garde look | Look what I found!! | Prep for Charles Worthington | Ready to take to the stage | The finished look |

Wow what a hectic week! If you're a regular reader you'll know that last Sunday I was up at ridiculous hour to fly to Amsterdam with Sanrizz. I spent just two days there with the lovely team for one show but it seemed like a week. The photos of my hair prepped are seriously making me want to chop it all off! I flew back late Monday with the worlds nicest green tea in tow. I force myself to drink normal green tea regularly but hate how bitter it is but the sweetness of the strawberry's cut that all out. Shame I've only found it being sold on ebay for ridiculous money though, I'll have to ask my uncle to bring it over with him in abundance at Christmas!  

I spent a lot of my mid week not very well so there's not much to show for it but hopefully the doctors will shed some light on it next week. But today I powered through and headed to Charles Worthington ready for the presentation at salon international. My hair was set in heated rollers before being taken out and backcombed A LOT! The second photo doesn't do it justice, it was huuggee! The style was finished on stage in just 10 minutes and I left the stage with a beautiful textures beehive. 

Another busy week ahead with salon international again tomorrow though this time for Tigi! All work and No play right now! I'll look forward to having a weekend off soon after working the past 3. 

Hope you've all had a fun week! 

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