Sunday Catch Up #25

Setting my wig in rollers | Pop art and the Cheshire Cat | My make up for Tuesdays Halloween Party | Brain shots! | Full zombie make up I did on me and my friend | Brainnnss | Zombie nails | Zombies and a cat | In the cage at Ruskis | My boyfriends niece came to stay for the weekend | We too her to the Natural History Museum | More zombie make up for my boyfriend and his brother | 

It's been such a crazy week. On top of Halloween, one of my favourite times of the year and going out in as many costumes as possible, we also had my boyfriends brother and niece come to stay for the weekend which was lovely! I feel like I haven't stopped this week so apologise for the lack of blogging but I'll be back on it next week I promise! 

It's time to give my face a good pamper today and hope it recovers from the ridiculous amounts of make up it's been caked in all week, as well as not doing much with my day to finally chill out.

Hope you've all had a great week!

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