Sunday Catch Up #26

Best dressing gown ever | Fireworks in Southwark | Thinking of getting the chop, love this bob | Gotten back into cooking | Had my hair stripped back earlier this week | And then dyed bright again | Throwing it back to 17 years old me | Hugggee poster of me in shepherds bush, was surreal | 6 hours in hair, tada |

Hey everyone, sorry for the ridiculous lack of blogging lately, I've missed it so much. I cleverly broke my laptop charger so have had no way of blogging but it arrived yesterday so I'm back to it!

These past few weeks have been pretty busy, I can happily say I've nearly finished all of my christmas shopping already which is highly unlike me, so it'll be nice to be able to enjoy other things in December rather than last minute panicking like I have done for so many years. Work has started to quieten down ready for Christmas break but of course I'm still doing hair shoots and shows and having my hair dyed ridiculous shades of orange and red. It's back to being very bright after working for Aveda today which I love, I just don't love the attention that it seems to bring with it! Hopefully I'll have it back to a more natural shade ready for the holidays so I'm not the one in the photos with the bright orange hair! ha

Hope you've all had a great few weeks and haven't missed me too much!

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