Sunday Catch Up #28

Missing Gus so a hedgehogs top of our tree | Beautiful sunsets this week | Cafe Royal | Hair inspiration | Lobster salad | Amazing risotto | Christmas pudding! | My friend chocolate mouse | Love the christmas feel at Cafe Royal | Christmas dinner with some great friends | My friend being the man of the house and carving the chickens | Nachos and christmas films on a Sunday |

Wow what a busy week. I have done so much Christmassy things this week I'm feeling very festive! 

Mid week I was lucky enough to be invited for dinner at Cafe Royal on Regent Street. I'd been last week with a friend for lunch for the first time and loved it so was looking forward to trying more of their menu. It's such a lovely restaurant situated in a hotel on Regent Street, I must have walked past it 100 times and never known it was there before. he service was impeccable, the food delicious to the point where I was full but couldn't stop eating, the drinks lovely and our spa passes were a lovely gift! I'm very excited to be taking my mum in the new year :) I cannot recommend this place enough, a little pricey but you definitely get what you pay for!

This weekend has been amazing, I feel so relaxed yet have done so much. My bestfriend and her girlfriend moved into our house yesterday, it feels so much homier already, I'm very excited for the future months! We decided to have a welcome dinner with our friends and I cooked a roast for 7 people, I was pretty proud of myself though everyone got a little drunk as it took so long whoops! I blame our small oven! We spent today under duvets in front of the tv watching christmas films, eating nachos and drinking amazing coffee. 

Back to work tomorrow and I don't mind one little bit. Only a few weeks left before xmas eek!

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  1. oooh all that food porn! I NEED x