Sunday Catch Up #27

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I know, I know, I said I'd be back and I wasn't but I am now I promise. Sorry for the lack of posts I have been working non stop and by the time I've got home it's dark and I've had so much other stuff to do. But work's quietened down now so normal blogging shall resume.

What a crazy few weeks I've had! Writing this has definitely made me realise I've eaten out far too much. When I read that the average Londoner eats out 3-5 times a week I was baffled but I can honestly understand it. Especially when you're so busy, it's easy to grab lunch with a friend or go for a nice dinner in the evening to unwind when the last thing you want to do is cook. Decembers always a tight month so I'm back to cooking and back to healthy. Expect a few food posts this month!

The highlight of my week definitely has to be last weekend. Whilst strolling around Covent Garden with my boyfriend I recieved a frantic call from my agent saying a model had dropped out and was I free to shoot. Saying yes I was given 40 minutes to get home and pack, a mission in itself, before being picked up to head to France. We just about made the last Euro tunnel, missed check in at our hotel and just about managed to speak enough french to get in ready for just a few hours of sleep. We were up again at 6am ready to...wait for it... break into a derelict prison to shoot! 
I'm talking a serious trek here, over a bridge, down a 15ft muddy bank, along a canal, across a field, through a fence, along a wall, through a wall before creeping through about 4 more fences and into the prison all whilst trying to remain undetected. We were unfortunate to meet some crazy people who were only there to cause trouble, graffiti and scare everyone with their machetes! But over all it was incredible. It was as if everyone had just upped and left and it had been left to rot. Beds were still made, documentation still there. It was terrifying yet stunning all at the same time. It was freezing cold, and getting changed in a prison cell isn't the most glamorous -don't believe what you hear about modelling!- but by far my favourite shoot today. I cannot wait to share the photos with you when they're published and write a full story on the day with behind the scenes shots. I hope you're all as excited as I am! 

I hope you've all had a lovely few weeks. Expect another post tomorrow!

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