One Huge Catch Up!

The proposal! | A little engagement get together before Christmas | My mum made us the most delicious cake | So many presents! | Time with Sam's family | New year |

As it was the main subject of yesterday's post I thought I'd start this big catch up on the theme of celebrations. As I said, it's been pretty non stop since December but it has been wonderful getting to spend so much time with amazing friends and family and celebrate. Not only did Sam plan the whole surprise proposal but he'd also been pestering our friends for three months prior to plan me a surprise party too. I thought I was off to my friend for dinner when I turned up to most of our closest friends there to celebrate with us. Yes I cried, I am honestly the luckiest girl in the world. Christmas was great, we spent four days with my family before flying down to cornwall to spend time with Sam's family. It was my nephew's first christmas which was lovely, I still cannot believe how fast the little man is growing, he'll be taller than me in no time! For new years a few of my friends and I headed off to the countryside to see in the new year with good food, wine and company but unfortunately I'd got food poisoning and spent most of it in bed. I was gutted but managed to get up for the important bits. Honestly, nothing beats a few weeks with no commitments to spend time with the people you love the most. 

Tuna salad | Our new bike | Hitting the weights | Beetroot, walnut and feta tart |

Yes I've always been one of those annoying people, 'new year, new start' making resolutions and not sticking to them in a months time. But I was determined to finally get in shape for both my work and for myself. It was made so much easier with the fact that Sam wanted to lose weight too so we added a little to our gym area and have been hitting it hard with the workouts averaging at about 5x a week. I've got back into cooking and have been experimenting with new recipes to keep our healthy eating interesting too. Yes it's only been a month but I'm happy to say we're still going! I've lost a little weight but the huge difference is my tone and energy, I've been so motivated and am feeling so much better within myself that it's making me want to keep going. Knowing you can bench press nearly double your start weight in under a month and nearly triple the miles you can run is incredible and I'm really proud of myself.

Shooting for Fabulous magazine | Toni and Guy show, before christmas | Toni and guy show, after christmas | No eyebrows! | Shooting for fudge | In Fabulous magazine |

It's been a busy few months with work too. A lot of the usual hair jobs but quite a few shoots for clients I haven't worked with in a long time or ever before. It's been nice to mix it up a bit as well as seeing the usual faces I love to work with. The strangest moment for me has to be my shoot for fudge where my eyebrows were bleached. I'd never realised quite how much they framed your face until they were removed. People were actually shuffling away from me on the tube, I looked like an alien! The shoot was great though and should be out by summer, but if you can't wait that long for my face (ha!) then I'll be in Fabulous magazine again within the next few weeks rocking those curls and pink lipstick in 3 very cute floral outfits that I'm still lusting after. 

So that's it! I hope you all feel fully caught up on what I've been up to. I can't promise I'll be back to daily posting as work is looking crazy hectic right now, along with the launch of my new bridal collection I'll be flat out working but I've missed blogging too much so I'll definitely be trying to get posts up frequently. 
I hope you've all had a wonderful few months!

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