Redken Symposium 2014 - With Andrew Barton

I started February with a bang. It's always a pleasure to work with both Redken and Andrew Barton so when I heard that I'd been booked for the Redken Symposium for Andrew Barton's section I couldn't wait. I knew it'd be big, bold and dramatic, no half measures and how right I was. 

After two days of rehearsals we started the morning with some seriously tight plaits to keep my hair flat and help secure the wig, the bottom section of my hair was tonged for added padding when the wig went on to get it as big as possible.
After that it was straight into make up which was headed by the incredible Lan Nguyen. Keeping with the pop art theme of our section she channeled old Roy Lichtenstein paintings, starting with airbrushing our faces white before painting on our black expression lines and sticking on tons of stickers. (Gutted I didn't think to use stickers when I did this look for halloween last year!)

I got pretty excited when the wig was being put on as brunette is the only color I haven't actually been and I really liked it! I may just have to give it a run in the future. Though as you can see above, brown just wasn't going to cut it so it was off to a ventilated corner to spray the whole thin

Ready for the stage I was completely unrecognisable. It has to be the most incredible combination of hair styling and make up I've been lucky enough to wear in quite some time. It's always fun playing dress up, especially when it's this extreme! 

As you can see it was quite a show! Words and pictures just don't do it justice so I thought I'd pop the video highlights from Andrew Barton's section below. It really was incredible to be a part of!

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