Sunday Catch Up #29

In love with this dress from River Island | Andrew Barton styling out my wig | Ready for the stage at Redken Symposium | Catwalk | Thursday mojito's with my agency | Back to blonde | My new pink crop | New addiction, so so tasty | New shots for my book | All pink for fashion week | Opening for Xiao Li | Pink haired army |

It's been a busy few weeks. I'm on my second day off this month so far and about to cook the mother of all roasts as I definitely deserve some hearty home cooking!

With Redken's huge show, my change of hair and fashion week kicking off it has been non stop. Luckily I've managed a few relaxing moments such as the haven that is the show space and a few drinks at Serge Denimes new collection launch which my friend performed at. 

I have an amazing exclusive review for you all coming next week so keep your eyes peeled! It's an amazing new palette perfect for injecting a bit of Spring/Summer feeling.

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