The 'I Can't Leave The House Without' List

We've all got those few products, the ones that live in our handbags that we just can't live without when we're out and about. Well, these are mine. They ensure that I look and feel great at all times whilst I'm out. 

First up is Weleda's Skin Food*. The holy grail of multipurpose products. I've raved about this so much on my blog before but it really is amazing especially during the winter months as it's so hydrating. Whether it's popping a bit onto dry patches before castings, using it as a cuticle treatment whilst I'm bored on the tube or even as a lip balm if heaven forbid I forget mine. It does everything, does it well and smells great too. 

Next is my Stylfile. I'm terrible for snagging my nails and I hate nothing more than catching them on just about everything, which is why I always have a file to hand. This one's my current favourite, making filing and shaping nails so much easier with it's 'S' shape.

To keep my hair fresh my current dry shampoo of choice is Drynamic by Sebastian Professional*. This one's a recent discovery but it's travel size makes it great for on the go touch ups. That combined with the fact that I think it may currently be my all time favourite dry shampoo (full review coming soon!) means I just can't get enough of it. 

Third is my current perfume of choice, Black XS By Paco Rabanne. It's always great to have a perfume on hand and the scent of this is gorgeous and so me. 

Next up is my Nuxe Reve De Miel. The best lip balm I have every come across, I may not have to reapply it much during the day as it's so long lasting but I always have to have it at arms length just in case. 

Last is my concealer by Dainty Doll. I'm gutted this has been discontinued and I'm still on the hunt to find a few more before this one runs out as I can't bear the thought of not having it. It's the perfect shade for me and it dries matte which means there's no need for powdering after. 

So there you have it, my six essential items that live in the bottom of my handbag ready to help me tackle the English weather, castings and everything else life throws at me! 

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  1. I have a list of products I daren't leave the house without too. The Stylfile is definitely one of mine too. I haven't heard much about these little nail files, but have loved mine for a number of months now. They are so easy to use and always shape my nails perfectly - without one side being completely uneven!