Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make Up Remover

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Make Up Remover*

I was kindly sent this bottle at the perfect time having recently changed mascara and finding it a chore to remove every night. Anything that could potentially speed up the process was welcomed with open arms, as let's face it, who wants to be scrubbing at their eyes for 10 minutes every evening before bed? 

This bi-phase formula from Elemis contains a water and oil cleanser which you shake to combine before using. I love oil cleansers as they make such light work of removing even waterproof mascara, but Elemis have always been known for calming and soothing so I was curious to see if it'd be up to the job and oh my, it is! 

It is the only thing I am yet to try that breaks down my mascara in under a minute. It's extremely gentle, with no scrubbing, just a soaked cotton pad on each eye left for about 10 seconds before wiping and repeating a few times. The peony extract has a cooling effect on the eyes and soothes them as it gets to work which really is lovely, especially in the evening to help wind down. 

As you can see from the packaging though it is aimed at lips too so I decided to put it tot he test with a lip stain and again after a minute all traces were gone. As it is a bi-phase cleanser it does leave a slightly oily residue but I find a swipe of toner easily takes it away. 

Priced at £19 for 125ml it's a little pricey yes but I will be rushing out to pick up another bottle the second this one's nearly out, it is just that good. 

Have you tried Elemis before? What's your favourite bi-phase cleanser? 

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