Sunday Catch Up #30

The library is my new best friend | New goodies from Weleda | Pancakes! | Beautiful walk along the river | Monday's shoot | New photo | Another new photo | Behind the scenes on Friday's shoot |

What a busy few weeks, with the new hair cut comes shooting as many new photos for my portfolio as possible to get it updated! On Monday I was lucky enough to work with two amazing people I've worked with before as well as a new addition so I knew it'd be a great shoot. Friday was a last minute job as the model booked happened to be ill but it was amazing, such a fun shoot and I cannot wait to show you all! It was also the first fashion film I've shot in a while so it was good to mix it up a bit. 

I've been making sure I take enough me time out of my hectic schedule to do things I want and have some downtime and it's making such a difference. As you may have seen I'm back blogging regularly which I'm loving and hoping even when things get busier this year I can still keep it up as I really missed it. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful week! What did you get up to?

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