Xiao Li A/W 2014 - LFW

I tried to stay away from LFW this season as I figured short pink hair wasn't going to be most peoples cup of tea and there was no point in wasting mine or their time. As most of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows are cast at the same time in one room I figured I'd head to this one anyway and whack round a good 15 designers in an hour. As I expected most didn't want short hair, or found the colour to be too distracting from their collection, although it was exactly what Xiao Li had planned. 

I arrived early on the Saturday morning and went straight into make up. It was such a beautiful look, a bright pop of fushia pink swept over the eyes and a soft powder pink on the lips to match the hair. 

Then it was off to hair. We had out hair ever so slightly tonged to give a subtle wave before being whisked off with face masks before being sprayed with a combination of Toni and Guys pink powder spray and dry shampoo to give all over pink texture. It looked absolutely amazing! I'm definitely now wanting to get my hands on the pink spray for when I feel like adding more colour. 

 The clothes where seriously amazing, it was no wonder she'd won the merit award at only 26. Her collection, said to be inspired by Icelandic scenery, was a beautiful range of ice whites and pastel and bright blues combined with silicone moldings of chains and denim. Her finally look even lit up, it really was a stunning collection.

It was an honor to open the show and have walked for such an inspiring designer even when not really 'doing' fashion week. 

What do you think of the collection?

(These photos were not taken by me and were found via twitter)

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