Bleach London Awkward Peach

After having my hair cut off back in February it was also taken back to blonde with a peach toner put over it. The peach toner that was used was quite bright and more pink than peach, but I love the colour it faded to so was desperate to find an alternative. After seeing countless reviews for the Bleach London products I decided to pick up Awkward Peach and give it a go. 

Firstly, I found that they're a nightmare to track down. Only two Boots shops sell them within a 5 mile radius, when I live in central London I find that a little crazy! I popped to my closest one and luckily they had one left in stock so I grabbed it and ran home excited to try it. 

I followed the directions, massaging it into washed, towel dried hair and leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it out with luke-warm water and no shampoo.  It was easy to apply and a third of the bottle was enough to cover my whole head. I loved how moisturising it felt on my hair. It felt more like a mask than a dye. 
They weren't messing about when they said wear gloves. I didn't and ended up with bright pink hands, not a good look. 

After drying my hair my hair still felt extremely soft even though it hadn't been conditioned. The colour was a little more pink than peach than I expected but never the less it was still a beautiful subtle colour. When I used the toner on my hair when it was a darker blonde it came out a little less even and much more pink than when used on lighter. Just something to bear in mind if your hair isn't really light. It also worked on the hair that had been dyed but not my natural hair even though it is naturally a very light blonde. 

Their colours are meant to last for 2-10 washes but unfortunately this only lasted 1-2 on me which meant I was constantly reapplying. I found it lasted longer if I left it on for 30 minutes rather than the recommended 15, I also found it easy to top up by popping on a hair mask in the shower then massaging a little of this in over the top before combing it through and leaving it for 5 minutes. 

I really loved using this but unfortunately I've only got a few weeks left before I'm hopefully going back to red so I'll be swapping to their I Saw Red and Tangerine Dream toners soon to keep that vibrant.

Prices at £5 for 150ml they''re really well priced, I just wished they lasted longer on my hair. They're also regularly on 3 for 2 which is a great time to stock up! 

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