L'oreal Colour Trophy 2014 Tour

For the past few weeks I have been away with L'oreal for their colour trophy tour. We started in Belfast before flying across to Glasgow then headed down to Leeds, Manchester, Cheltenham, London for two days and the finally Duxford. It was the best team I've had the pleasure of working with in a long time! Even with the copious amounts of jacket potatoes and long, long hours on coaches. 
For those of you who don't know, Colour trophy an annual competition run by L'oreal now in its 59th year! Last year I took part in the competition with Rush, you can see my blog post on it here so I was really excited to find out I'd be on the tour. 
We were the show between the judging and the announcement of the regional winners made up of two categories, Art and Restraint. I was in the Art group, as you can see it was lots of bright colours, big, soft hair in various shades of blonde. The other group, Restraint, (shown below) was lots of black, latex and corsets. Their hair was much more structured. Sleek ponytails, braids and incredible structured up-dos.
Hair by the L'oreal ID artists team. Make up by Lan Nguyen and Yuko Fredriksson . Choreography by Aicha Mckenzie. Styling by Graham Cruz.  

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